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Massaging foot for therapy and correction

Depending on your ailment, foot and ankle surgery may be an option for you. If your podiatrist believes that surgery would restore function and improve appearance then it will be suggested. Dr. James T. Vukonich and Dr. Ronald L. Korbelik are ready to help.

Trust Dr. James T. Vukonich and Dr. Ronald L. Korbelik to care for your feet.

Get relief with in-house surgeries:


- Cheilectomy: Arthritis treatment

- Fusion: Arthritis treatment

- Arthroplasty: Arthritis treatment

- Plantar fascia release: To release fascia tension

- ESWT: non-invasive, Treatment through sound waves

- Spur Removal

- Derotational Arthroplasty

- Neuroma Treatment

- Oblique Osteotomy

You can have several surgeries

If you'll benefit, especially occupationally from having surgery, then that will be your best choice.  Chances are your ailment can be corrected without, but if it is necessary you'll get the best care.

Your improved health and functionality is most important

Relieve and repair foot and ankle ailments

- Tests and exams

- Health history

- Consultation

- Understanding the risks

Before surgery

- Do you need to take time off from work?

- Smoking cessation

- Regulating medications

- Arranging transportation

Preparing for surgery

- Applying ice to painful areas

- Take medications as prescribed

- Keep surgical incisions clean and dry to avoid infection

- During bathing, tape plastic bags around your foot

After Your Surgery

- Physical therapy may be recommended

- Stretching and special exercises

- Orthotics may be needed



On The Road To Recovery

- Casts may be necessary

- Bones take about 6 months to regain normal strength

- Bones should be able to bear weight in about 6 weeks

- Surgical shoes may be necessary

- Returning to work depends on the type of surgery you are recovering from

To Help You Heal:

Therapist massaging foot for diagnosis