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Healthy foot with normal toe

You may suffer from a condition called hammer toe. If you have hammer toe, one of your toes, likely the second toe, is formed into a claw-like position normally by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Turn to our doctors, Dr. James T. Vukonich and Dr. Ronald L. Korbelik, to check your hammer toe and find a solution.

Correct your hammer toe for comfort and confidence.

In most cases, you can do exercises to correct a hammer toe, along with wearing proper shoes. You can also be fitted with a device to help straighten it.


If you have a severe case, surgery may be best. Your podiatrist will take a conservative approach to correction, and get you back on the road to comfort in no time.

Get care for your hammer toe

Call at the first sign of hammer toe, but also call if you develop other problems, including thick corns or blisters, if you are in severe pain, and if you have trouble walking.


Don't suffer for long with any foot problem, a caring podiatry office can help you get back to feeling normal again with many types of treatment. Call us today!

You should call for help right away

If you do not get your hammer toe checked, over time a corn may form on the top of the toe, and a callus can form on the sole. Eventually, you will not be able to straighten the toe out.

Get checked by a professional the moment you notice hammer toe

Get help correcting your hammer toe

Healthy feet with no hammer toes