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Feet next to shoes

Your doctor may recommend orthoses as a form of treatment to correct and support your feet and ankles. Your orthoses will be custom fitted to your feet. Dr. James T. Vukonich and Dr. Ronald L. Korbelik can recommend the orthotics that will make walking comfortable again.

Invest in orthotics to correct  your feet, call today!

It's important that you be patient when fitted with orthotics. You should realize that your foot problems developed over time and will take some time to be corrected.


Your orthotics may be made of plastic or soft foam and will be customized to your feet to alleviate problems and pain. You'll work closely with your podiatrist to stay comfortable.

Trust the process of orthotics

When you get orthotics, you can correct many of the following:


- Bone and soft tissue changes

- Flat foot

- Bunions

- Joint problems

- Vascular disease

- Arthritis

Correct a variety of problems

You'll love how your orthoses fit right into your regular shoes to control foot movement and avoid possible problems. Your podiatrist may suggest them for a variety of reasons.

Enjoy your prescribed inserts and the comfort they bring

Add support to your shoes to correct foot pain